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Improved web resume optimization.
Generated by ChatGPT is a web-based AI tool that provides personalized resume help to job seekers. The app analyzes resumes using the latest AI technology to identify grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, sentence structure, and optimize it for ATS compatibility.

The tool offers comprehensive feedback in just a few minutes, helping users refine their resumes until they are perfect. Users can use the app as often as they need to refine their resumes without incurring extra costs.

The tool also offers a custom cover letter tool to aid in job application writing.Users can subscribe to the app at a monthly fee of $30 with a 50% discount using the code EARLYTHANKS.

The app's advanced technology ensures that resumes stand out from the crowd, increasing the chances of getting hired. Customers who have used the app report real results, having landed their dream job after using Resume-ai.In addition to the resume review feature, the app also provides interview training, and users can access this tool soon.

The AI-powered tool is easy to use, with a welcoming and upbeat tone that provides the confidence needed to navigate the job application process hassle-free.

Users can log in, manage their subscription, and get started on improving their resumes. Overall, is an efficient AI tool for anyone looking to refine their resume and increase their chances of successfully landing a job.


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Resume AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Personalized resume help
Identifies grammar errors
Identifies punctuation mistakes
Optimizes sentence structure
ATS compatibility optimization
Comprehensive feedback in minutes
No extra cost for refining
Custom cover letter tool
Monthly subscription offer
50% discount code available
Increased chances of employment
Coming soon: interview training
User-friendly tool
Welcoming and upbeat tone
Manageable subscriptions
Detailed user reviews
Flexible in use frequency
Optimized for applicant tracking systems
Unlimited reviews
Real-time feedback


$30 monthly subscription fee
No one-time payment option
Limited to web-based usage
No free trial mentioned
No mobile app
No multi-language support
Doesn't guarantee job placement
Cover letter tool not described
Interview training not available yet


What is Resume-ai?
How can Resume-ai improve my resume?
Does Resume-ai offer a cover letter writing tool?
How does Resume-ai ensure ATS compatibility?
What is the cost of subscribing to Resume-ai?
How many times can I use Resume-ai for resume reviews?
Does Resume-ai have interview training tools?
What is the special offer on Resume-ai subscription using the code EARLYTHANKS?
What is the response time for Resume-ai's resume review?
How does Resume-ai help in making my resume standout?
Which AI technologies does Resume-ai utilize?
Can Resume-ai guarantee that I will get a job?
How to subscribe to Resume-ai?
Is there a login section for Resume-ai users?
Can I manage my subscription in the Resume-ai platform?
What do other users say about their experience with Resume-ai?
Does Resume-ai have restrictions on the number of reviews per profile?
Does Resume-ai offer custom cover letter tools?
Can Resume-ai assist with optimizing my resume based on sentence structure?
Does Resume-ai analyze grammar and punctuation in my resume?

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