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Enhance your chances of getting hired with our ATS resume checker.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help job seekers optimize their resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Offering a free ATS-friendly resume checker, it allows users to evaluate their resume against specific job postings before applying.

This tool is useful to understand how well your resume matches job requirements and improves the likelihood of being picked by the ATS. This is achieved by focusing on keyword optimization, both hard and soft skills relevancy, educational qualifications and work experience listed in the job description. also provides personalized recommendations on how to improve your resume, all delivered through a user-friendly interface. It ensures the delivered resume meets industry standards and best practices.

No credit card is required, making this available to anyone on the path towards job search. Users can simply drag and drop their resume, paste the job description and the tool will scan the resume instantly, providing a real-time ATS-friendly score.


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Apr 5, 2024
I personally think it's unfair for companies to use ATS to decide on candidates, when most of the time it's specifically that search that helps you find the diamond in a pool of dirt. This at least levels the playing field 👍

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Pros and Cons


Free resume checker
Resume-job description comparison
Keyword optimization features
Hard and soft skills analysis
Educational qualifications relevancy check
Work experience relevancy analysis
Personalized improvement recommendations
User-friendly interface
Resume meets industry standards
Instant resume scanning
Real-time ATS-friendly score
Drag and drop resume upload
No credit card required
Comprehensive analysis feature
Match with popular ATS software
Available globally
No hidden charges
Filter resume with highest keyword match
Real-time results
Action verbs extraction
100,000+ users success rate
Tailored resume advice
Column and table compatibilities
Online form resume upload


Single functionality tool
No mobile app
No privacy disclaimer on upload
No resume generation
Doesn't support graphic elements
No third-party integrations
Lacks multi-language support
No version control for resumes
No customer support live chat
No import from LinkedIn


What does ATSFriendly do?
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What features does ATSFriendly offer for resume optimization?
How is ATSFriendly different from other resume optimization tools?
How does ATSFriendly evaluate my resume?
How does ATSFriendly's keyword optimization work?
What types of skills does ATSFriendly focus on when evaluating a resume?
How does ATSFriendly handle work experience and educational qualifications in a job description?
What personalized recommendations can I expect from ATSFriendly?
What is the user interface like on ATSFriendly?
How easy is it to upload my resume to ATSFriendly?
Can I use ATSFriendly for free?
What do I need to get started with ATSFriendly?
What is an ATS-friendly resume score?
How instant is the resume analysis on ATSFriendly?
Is my credit card information required to use ATSFriendly?
Can I use ATSFriendly to scan multiple resumes?
How can I improve my ATS-friendly score on ATSFriendly?
Can ATSFriendly help me land a job faster?
Is there a limit to how many resumes I can scan on ATSFriendly?

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