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Bya kouznetsov
Expert in AI-powered CV reviewing and enhancement.
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CV is a GPT that specializes in AI-powered reviewing and enhancement of CVs. This application is designed to assist users in optimizing their CVs by providing an in-depth evaluation and scoring for each section, thereby offering tangible feedback for improvement.

Its features extend beyond mere assessment, offering insight into making the CV format and content more impactful, suggesting ways to garner attention and stand out among others.

For specific sections such as education or employment history, the application can evaluate and rate your inputs, offering a score out of 10. This enables users to identify any potential weaknesses in their CV and act accordingly to improve those areas.

To utilize the service, users need to upload their CV which then gets reviewed by the AI-operated tool. A key benefit of using this GPT is the provision for individualized advice to enhance the CV's layout and overall presentation, thus improving its effectiveness and increasing the chances of landing an interview or job.

This GPT requires ChatGPT Plus. To start, upload the CV and ask for a detailed review or specific advice to enhance the CV's layout or content.


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