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Compares your resume with a job description, finding skills match and gaps.
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JobSync is a GPT that acts as a supportive tool for job seekers by offering targeted, personalized insights for job applications. This GPT is designed to assess the suitability of a resume for a specific job role by comparing the user's resume with a provided job description.

It focuses on aligning the job seeker's skills and experience with the requirements of the job. It also highlights gaps, if any, in the job seeker's professional profile relating to the job description.

This information is helpful for job seekers to optimize their resumes to fit their intended job description better, making them more likely to get past initial screenings.

Beyond resume optimization, JobSync helps in interview preparation by providing example interview questions. These questions are presumably tailored to the job application at hand, further helping job seekers prepare for potential interviews.

The GPT's utility doesn't end after the application process; it continues to serve users throughout their job search journey, from preparing applications to acing job interviews.

It is important to note that usage of JobSync requires a ChatGPT Plus.


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