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Personalized CV/JD analysis with tailored advice.
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Career Match Analyst is a GPT designed to assist with personalized Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Job Description (JD) analysis, providing tailored advice to the user.

Built upon ChatGPT, it is intended to support users in carving out their professional path. Upon showcasing CVs, the GPT expertly identifies the pertinent skills and assesses how they align with different professions or particular job postings.

Similarly, it scrutinizes JDs to pin down the required skills for the position. The GPT enables users to fathom how their skills match a specific job, thus promoting more effective job targeting.

The tool goes a step beyond and detects possible problem areas from JDs. By doing so, it equips users with a clear understanding of what they might encounter in these roles.

Consequently, applicants can fortify their preparation for interviews or make more informed decisions when considering job offers. Created by FELIPE SANCHEZ, this tool harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT to offer expert guidance in navigating professional choices.

This means, however, that Career Match Analyst requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. The GPT is user-friendly, starting off with a welcome message: 'Hello, I'm your Career Match Analyst.

Ready to tailor your career path?', and offering prompt starters to help users engage effectively with the tool.


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