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Candidate screening for job applications and recruiting.
Generated by ChatGPT's Resume AI Scanner is a tool designed to assist with the assessment of candidates by scanning their resumes using artificial intelligence. By simply clicking to upload or dragging and dropping a resume, users are provided with an overview of the candidate's qualifications and relevant information extracted from the document.

Additionally, the tool generates a series of questions that can be used to effectively assess the candidate's suitability for a is a Chrome extension that can be easily installed, adding convenience to the user experience.

The tool is versatile and applicable to various use cases, making it beneficial for recruiters, hiring managers, or any professionals involved in candidate screening.In addition to the Resume AI Scanner, offers a range of other products, including a comprehensive set of use cases, an API documentation, and various resources to further enhance the user's experience.

The company has also developed other tools such as PDF Tools, QuickyAI, and Docsium, showcasing their expertise in the's commitment to customer support is evident through their chat feature, allowing users to interact with any PDF, ask questions, get summaries, and find information.

The company also maintains a presence on popular social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.Overall,'s Resume AI Scanner is a valuable solution for streamlining the candidate assessment process, providing an overview of key information and generating relevant questions to aid in decision-making.


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Resume Scanner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension available
Simple resume upload process
Generates assessment questions
Useful for multiple professionals
Comprehensive use cases
Resources to enhance experience
Active customer support
Allows chat with PDFs
Overview of candidate info
Application in various fields
Extensive social media presence
Streamlined candidate assessment
Interactive user experience
Artificial Intelligence expertise
Other tools available
Quick and efficient processing
Convenience of uploading resumes
Extracts relevant information
Multi-platform support
API documentation
Information summary features
Validates candidate qualifications
Cross-product compatibility
Generates relevant summaries


Chrome extension only
No mobile app
Limited to resume analysis
No integration with HR systems
Requires manual upload
Limited to PDF files
No offline usage
No machine-learning personalisation
No bulk upload feature
No automated scheduling


What is's Resume AI Scanner?
How does the Resume AI Scanner work?
How do I upload a resume to be scanned?
What kind of information does the Resume AI Scanner provide about the candidate?
What questions does the Resume AI Scanner generate?
What is the purpose of the questions generated by the Resume AI Scanner?
Can's Resume AI Scanner be used for any type of job application?
Is the Resume AI Scanner only useful for recruiters and hiring managers?
How can I install the Resume AI Scanner?
Is there a user guide or documentation for the Resume AI Scanner?
Can I use the Resume AI Scanner on any operating system?
Apart from the Resume AI Scanner, what other products does offer?
How does's chat feature work?
Can I interact with PDFs using the chat feature?
How can I get support if I encounter a problem with the Resume AI Scanner?
Is on social media?
What are the benefits of using's Resume AI Scanner?
Can I integrate the Resume AI Scanner into my own software?
Does offer an affiliate program?
What privacy measures does have in place for the resumes scanned?

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