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Streamlined recruitment with automated CV analysis.
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Profilio is an AI-powered CV analysis tool designed to streamline the recruitment process and help businesses find the best candidates effortlessly. With Profilio, users can easily upload and analyze multiple CVs, comparing qualifications, experiences, and skills against job descriptions.

The tool also offers advanced job matching and ranking features, allowing users to input job requirements and receive profiles ranked based on their matching scores.One of Profilio's key features is the Magic Upload feature, which allows candidates to submit their CVs using a publicly shared link.

The tool provides real-time results on a dashboard, highlighting the most suited candidates based on fresh CV uploads. Profilio aims to address common recruitment challenges, including inefficient and time-consuming manual CV screening, high costs of HR resources, limited scalability and flexibility in recruitment efforts, and inconsistent quality of candidate selection.The tool is user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge.

It supports diverse languages and can handle bulk CV analysis for companies, making it suitable for recruitment agencies and large enterprises. Profilio also prioritizes data security, encrypting all uploaded information and following strict data protection protocols.Overall, Profilio leverages AI to automate CV analysis, save time, and help businesses make data-driven hiring decisions.

It offers a comprehensive dashboard for real-time analysis and insights, contributing to its goal of revolutionizing recruitment.


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Profilio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Handles bulk CV analysis
Real-time results dashboard
Magic Upload feature
Advanced job matching & ranking
Secure data encryption
Diverse language compatibility
Effortless uploading of CVs
Streamlined recruitment process
Profile ranking based on relevancy
User-friendly interface
Real-time candidate selection
Easy candidate tracking
Comprehensive statistics on dashboard
No need for technical knowledge
Supports universal major languages
30-days money-back guarantee
Scalable for large enterprises
Automated HR resource savings
Efficient CV screening process
Unlimited profiles analysis (Premium)
24/7 live support (Premium)
Beta features access (Premium)
Dedicated account manager (Premium)
Savings on recruitment costs
Quality candidate ranking
Data-driven hiring decisions
Optimized hiring efficiency
Accessible pricing tiers
7-days free trial


No mobile app
No integration with job platforms
No customized plan
No free plan
Only three-tier pricing
Limited profiles for basic plan
Only handles CV analysis
Doesn't seem to support all file formats
No installment payment option

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