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ByGreg Dristas
The CIA of your Resume
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm your Career Insight Analyst, the CIA of Resumes. Upload your resume to start.
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Analyze my resume for career insights.
Provide a personality analysis based on my resume.
What specific jobs suit my current skills?
What should my salary be based on my resume?
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Career Insight Analyst is a GPT developed with a focus on providing insightful career advice and comprehensive resume analysis. This GPT can be likened to a career psychologist, analyzing your resume in detail and providing personalized advice that could potentially enhance your career progression.

The tool accomplishes this through several features. One of the most highlighted is the ability to analyze resumes and provide career insights based on the details provided in the resume.

By examining your resume, this GPT can help you gain a deeper understanding of your skills and how they may relate to the job market. Another feature is its capacity to provide a personality analysis rooted in the details of your resume.

This could be valuable to understand how your personality traits align with different professions or which industries may suit you. Furthermore, it can suggest specific job roles that would best match your current skills as detailed in your resume.

Lastly, this GPT can provide an estimated salary range based on your resume. This does not provide exact figures but rather a potential salary range based on your skills and experience.

It's important to note that this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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