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CAREERDEKHO Ai is an AI-powered career guidance tool designed to help users find the perfect career fit. It utilizes artificial intelligence to match users with potential careers based on their personality, values, interests and skills.

The tool provides users with personalized career suggestions, detailed career paths from college to job step-by-step, and a free 1:1 call with a career discovery session.

With the help of this tool, users can take control of their future and find a career that aligns with their values and interests. The interface is simple and user friendly, allowing users to quickly explore potential career options and get feedback from other users.

The tool also provides users with free services for a limited time and access to a Whatsapp group for additional support. CAREERDEKHO Ai is a great tool for anyone looking for guidance on their career path.


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CAREERDEKHO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized career suggestions
Detailed career paths
Free 1:1 career session
User friendly interface
Free services for limited time
Access to Whatsapp support group
Widely loved by users
Tool for career clarity
Guides from college to job
Matches personality to career
Includes testimonial feedback
Google integration for signup
Support for multiple professions
Active on multiple social platforms
Legal and privacy terms available


Limited time free services
Dependent on Google sign-in
No mobile app
Support only via Whatsapp
No API for integrations
Limited underlying career database
No multilingual support
No offline functionality
Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited user privacy control


How does CAREERDEKHO Ai work?
What kind of features does CAREERDEKHO Ai offer?
How does CAREERDEKHO Ai match users with potential careers?
What are the factors CAREERDEKHO Ai consider when suggesting careers?
What does the career path guidance from CAREERDEKHO Ai include?
How can I access the free career discovery session provided by CAREERDEKHO Ai?
What is the user interface of CAREERDEKHO Ai like?
What additional support does CAREERDEKHO Ai offer?
Can I join a Whatsapp group for additional support from CAREERDEKHO Ai?
How reliable is the career guidance from CAREERDEKHO Ai?
How frequently does CAREERDEKHO Ai update with new career suggestions?
Can CAREERDEKHO Ai suggest career paths for unconventional careers?
Why should I choose CAREERDEKHO Ai for career guidance?
Is CAREERDEKHO Ai suitable for students?
Can working professionals also use CAREERDEKHO Ai?
What do real users say about their experience with CAREERDEKHO Ai?
What are the free services offered by CAREERDEKHO Ai?
How can I login or register in CAREERDEKHO Ai?
Is there a mobile app version of CAREERDEKHO Ai?

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