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ByRedmar Poortstra Consultancy & Management
A consultant’s consultant
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your consulting career coach!
Sample prompts:
Hacks to make promotion fast?
How to build trusted relationship with clients?
Tricks to expense alcohol at drinks with colleagues
Work smarter, not harder
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Mentor Max is a GPT that serves the role of a consulting career coach. Built on the foundation of ChatGPT, Mentor Max provides intelligent, consultative advice to professionals seeking career guidance.

It offers tips and strategies for various professional situations like accelerating promotions, cultivating strong relationships with clients, and increasing efficiency at work.

While primarily geared towards consultants, its utility extends to other professionals who could benefit from astute insights on improving their work methods or employee-business relationships.

Mentor Max bridges the gap between a traditional career mentor and AI, presenting an innovative and 24/7 accessible tool delivering in-depth, yet strategically simplified career advice.


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Mentor Max was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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