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ByAngelo irano
Interactive and proactive career expert.
GPT welcome message: Benvenuto! Come posso assisterti nel progettare il tuo percorso di carriera?
Sample prompts:
Come puoi aiutarmi a progettare la mia carriera?
Quali sono i tuoi obiettivi di carriera?
In quale settore vorresti lavorare?
Hai bisogno di consigli su formazione o lavoro?
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Angelo Irano Mentor is a GPT designed as an interactive and proactive career expert. Its main function is to assist users in designing and planning their career paths.

It aligns with the user's personal career objectives and offers personalized advice tailored to their industry and professional goals. This GPT is primarily designed for individuals seeking guidance on career planning, objectives, and industry-specific insights.

Additionally, it can provide tips and recommendations for further training or education. As a tool sitting on top of ChatGPT, Angelo Irano Mentor requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

Users are greeted on interaction with a welcome message before the GPT delves into inquiries about career orientation. Its target audience includes professionals who need career guidance, students setting out on their career path, and anyone looking for industry-specific advice tailored to their personal career objectives.

While interacting with this GPT, users can pose questions such as 'How can you help me design my career?', 'What are your career objectives?', 'In which industry would you like to work?' and 'Do you need advice on training or work?' Overall, Angelo Irano Mentor offers a responsive and personalised interface for proactive career guidance and strategic advice.


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