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ByShravanth Reddy Reddy
Customized STEM resume advisor, adapting to user data
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Personalized Career Coach is a GPT that focuses on providing customized advice for resumes, specifically within the STEM field. This tool operates by adapting to user data, meaning it offers recommendations and guidance that are tailored to the individual user's needs.

For instance, a user may upload their current resume for a detailed review by the GPT. This review can highlight strengths and potential areas for improvement within the document.

The GPT can also offer personalized suggestions on what internships or work experiences to pursue to increase a user's desirability on the job market and potential salary package.

Besides offering resume critiques and suggestions for professional development, the Personalized Career Coach GPT can also provide general advice for job-seekers.

This advice can include other aspects of the job application process such as interview preparation, self-presentation, and networking strategies. Built on top of ChatGPT, this tool communicates with users via interactive chats.

Because it is tailored to individual users, the GPT's advice can be useful to individuals at various stages of their career, whether they're fresh graduates seeking their first job, or experienced professionals looking for a career switch within the STEM fields.


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