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Future-proof Yourself Guide

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ByOscar Andermo
Guide to future-proof leaders and entrepreneurs.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! How can I assist you in future-proofing your career or business today?
Sample prompts:
How can I apply 'Future-Proof Yourself' principles in my startup?
What strategies from the book can help in career growth?
How can Oskar Andermo help me future-proof myself?
How can Strategic Tech Coaching help me future-proof myself?
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Future-proof Yourself Guide is a GPT that is specifically designed as an interactive conduit for leaders and entrepreneurs. It uses elements from the 'Future-Proof Yourself' program, a framework penned by Oscar Andermo, known for offering insights on how to leverage the constantly evolving tech landscape for sustainable career development and leadership growth.

This GPT ties in directly with the philosophy and strategic approach outlined in Andermos program, aiming to provide a scalable and dynamic medium for interacting with the principles of the program.

The key objective of Future-proof Yourself Guide GPT is to assist users in applying 'Future-Proof Yourself' concepts to their startup business environments or their personal career paths.

The GPT provides suggestive prompts to help users ask the right questions, such as exploring strategies from the book for career growth or understanding how Strategic Tech Coaching can assist in future-proofing their career or business.

Additionally, it can guide the dialogue for how Oscar Andermo's insights can help users become more adaptable and resilient in a rapidly changing business world.

It's essential to note that this tool requires access to ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it functions as a feature-enriched extension of the standard ChatGPT environment.


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Future-proof Yourself Guide was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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