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ByViacheslav Kovalevskyi
Guiding users through career decisions with strategic insights.
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Career Decision Maker is a General Purpose Transformer (GPT) that offers career guidance and strategic advice. This tool is led by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Jess who takes on the role of a friendly career coach.

The GPT helps guide users through their career decisions by providing motivating and strategic insights that aim to make the process of job selection, career advancement or transitioning industries less overwhelming.

The AI coach interacts with users to understand their aspirations, skills and areas of interest, providing objective advice based on these inputs. Jess can assist users who are uncertain about their career paths, helping navigate through the often complex world of career planning.

The tool requires the user to use relevant prompt starters such as 'I need to decide' or 'Help me make a choice', for initiating dialogues. This accessible GPT operates on top of ChatGPT, meaning users need to sign up to ChatGPT Plus before they can effectively engage with the Career Decision Maker tool.

While it is not a replacement for professional career counselling, this AI-powered tool provides an innovative approach to navigating career milestones.

On the whole, Jess uses the power of AI to offer relevant tips, suggestions, and insights for making informed career decisions.


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