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Customizing data-driven advice for your professional journey.
GPT welcome message: Navigate the job market swiftly with strategic insights!
Sample prompts:
I don't know where to start, HELP!
Can you help me prepare for an interview?
My resume is a mess, where do I start?
I keep applying, but never get an interview. Help!
Help me improve my presence on LinkedIn.
Help me grow my professional brand.
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HireMinded is a GPT that aims to perform as a personal AI Career Coach. The tool focuses on providing personalized, data-driven advice designed to guide users through their distinct professional journeys.

The GPT was designed to be accessed anytime and anywhere and primarily targets those actively seeking professional growth or job opportunities. Key features of HireMinded include assistance in navigating the job market strategically using applied insights.

The tool assists based on your interactions, starting with the welcome message that promotes swift navigation of the job market through strategic insights.

It then provides various prompt starters serving as direct pathways to the kind of help users may need. For instance, users can seek assistance with areas such as interview preparation, resume building, improving LinkedIn presence or escalating their professional brand.

Given the proficiency of the underlying ChatGPT, HireMinded has the capacity to intelligently understand diverse types of requests and respond with relevant suggestions, thereby providing comprehensive coaching.

The integration of this tool may require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, hinting at a premium feature-set, potentially including more personalised and in-depth advice.

As evident, HireMinded's primary mission is to offer users a virtual career coaching experience designed to complement and enhance their career progression efforts.


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