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Sample prompts:
What makes a strong resume?
How can I excel in job interviews?
What steps should I follow for career planning?
Can you update me on current job market trends?
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Developed by, 'AI Job Coach' is a GPT that serves as an inquisitive career advisor. Its key value proposition revolves around the provision of guidance for career-related concerns, assisting users to successfully navigate the competitive job market.

Differing from conventional career counseling methods, this AI-powered tool utilizes ChatGPT technology to answer complex questions and provide insights pertaining to a gamut of employment-focused topics.

The AI Job Coach's functionality can be summarized into four main areas based on its prompt starters: resume building, job interview preparation, career planning, and understanding job market trends.

Users seeking advice on 'what makes a strong resume?' can expect this tool to provide tips and best practices focused on improving their job profiles.

For those questioning 'how they can excel in job interviews?', the AI Job Coach is designed to share useful techniques and strategies to help ace such interactions.

Furthermore, it has the capability to guide users through the process of career planning, offering assistance in deriving a concrete blueprint for their professional lives.

Lastly, it allows users to remain updated on current job market trends, which is vital in making informed career decisions. From answering these career-oriented prompts, AI Job Coach aims to ease the path towards fruitful employment.


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AI Job Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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