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AI Career Advisor is a GPT that acts as a career guide for job seekers. Its main purpose is to assist users in landing their dream job by providing expert career consulting services.

With the assistance of this GPT, a user can undertake several career progression activities such as planning for a job switch, preparing for job interviews, developing professional resumes and performing self-analysis for career growth.

AI Career Advisor relies on the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT and enhances it with career-oriented conversation abilities. Its conversation starters are designed to encourage users to delve into topics relevant to their career progression.

Despite its AI nature, this GPT is designed to create an interactive and personalized user experience, similar to that of a human career consultant. However, the efficiency of AI Career Advisor depends on ChatGPT Plus.

In essence, the AI Career Advisor is a robust GPT that utilizes AI to offer a productive and enlightening career counseling experience for job seekers and professionals seeking career growth.


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