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Efficient resume analysis for candidate shortlisting.
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The AI Resume Parser is a tool that enables users to analyze and extract relevant information from candidate resumes. With this tool, users can ask questions about their candidates, receive summaries of candidate profiles, and identify which candidates are best suited for specific roles.

The tool allows users to add resumes and perform various actions such as asking specific questions like "Find candidates who know Python." It provides summaries of candidate profiles, including their job titles, locations, and skills such as Python, JavaScript, React, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

The AI Resume Parser is designed to streamline the recruitment process by providing accurate and efficient shortlisting. Users can drop files or paste resumes into the tool, and it will extract and analyze the information for easy evaluation and comparison of candidates.

In addition to resume parsing, the tool also offers a range of other features and assessments, including aptitude tests, coding tests, psychometric tests, and personality tests.

These assessments can be used to further evaluate candidates and make informed hiring decisions. The AI Resume Parser is part of the Adaface platform, which provides various products and services for online assessments and recruitment.

The platform offers a product tour, pricing information, features, and integrations. It also provides helpful content such as comparisons with other pre-employment assessment tools and a guide to pre-employment tests.

Adaface is a Singapore-based company with additional locations in India.


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Adaface was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient resume analysis
Provides candidate summaries
Identifies role-suitable candidates
Asks specific questions
Extracts job titles, locations, skills
Facilitates accurate shortlisting
Accepts resumes via drop files
Offers aptitude, coding, psychometric tests
Includes personality tests
Part of Adaface platform
Offers product tour
Provides pricing information
Features and integrations available
Helpful content provided
Singapore-based company


No mention of language support
Unclear how data privacy handled
Manual file drop needed
Company locations limited
No clear integration details
Doesn't specify supported file formats
No individual analysis option
Unclear pricing information


What is the Adaface AI Resume Parser?
How does Adaface AI Resume Parser analyse candidates' resumes?
Can Adaface AI Resume Parser find candidates with specific skills?
What type of information does Adaface AI Resume Parser extract from resumes?
How can I add resumes to Adaface AI Resume Parser?
Apart from resume parsing, what other features does Adaface AI Resume Parser provide?
Does Adaface AI Resume Parser offer any additional tests?
How does Adaface AI Resume Parser streamline the recruitment process?
Can Adaface AI Resume Parser compare candidate information?
Is Adaface AI Resume Parser part of a larger platform?
What are the pricing details for Adaface AI Resume Parser?
Which companies can benefit from using Adaface AI Resume Parser?
Does Adaface AI Resume Parser have any integrations?
What other recruitment services does Adaface offer?
How does Adaface AI Resume Parser support campus recruitment?
Can I use Adaface AI Resume Parser for a product tour?
What is Adaface's Trust Guide?
Is Adaface AI Resume Parser available in different languages?
What type of assistance can I expect with Adaface AI Resume Parser?
Where is Adaface's headquarters located?

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