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Best Resume is an AI-powered service that claims to improve your resume. It offers to rewrite your resume to improve your chances of being hired and increase your salary.

The service helps to tailor your experiences to any job posting by suggesting changes to your resume that match the required skills and qualifications.

It promises to provide a resume that is optimized to be no longer than two pages, which is preferred by most hiring managers. Best Resume claims to be a solution that unleashes the power of the ultimate AI resume, crafted with unmatched expertise and precision, a pinnacle of resume writing excellence, and provides money-back guarantees.

The product is designed for job seekers who want to optimize their resume and increase their chances of finding the right job. The service is easy to access through the website, where users can copy and paste their resume and receive suggestions on how to improve their resume.

Additionally, Best Resume allows users to target multiple jobs simultaneously, and it supports a variety of industries and job roles. Best Resume is a product of Goose Cube Labs, a collaborative workshop focusing on developing new products using artificial intelligence.

The team behind Best Resume consists of professionals with expertise in data science, neural networks, Graph Neural Networks (GNN), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) experiences for the built environment.

They are committed to ethical AI and believe that all efforts should be made to keep AI from negatively impacting our societies. Best Resume offers pricing packages, but there is no information available on the website about the cost of the service.


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Mar 4, 2024
This website is a scam. I tried it twice and never received my resume. The CEO's email is on the site in case of issues or questions. I sent an email and it bounced back. DO NOT USE.
Aug 15, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Tailored resume optimization
Rewrites resumes
Matches skills to job
Two-page optimized resumes
Money-back guarantee
Targets multiple jobs
Supports various industries
Easy to access
Copy-paste operation
Data science expertise
NLP expertise
GNN expertise
Unmatched expertise and precision
Transparent pricing structure
Option for enterprise adoption
Multiple pricing packages
Ability to target specific job postings
Rewrites cover letters
Token-based payment system


Lacks transparency in pricing
No free trial offered
Limit to two pages
Lacks direct upload feature
No mobile application
Only targets three jobs
No live support
Doesn't support all industries
No multi-language support


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