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Personalized job application cover letters in one click.
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CareerPen is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized cover letters for job applications using a LinkedIn profile. It is a browser extension that attaches a button to each job post on LinkedIn, and with just a single click, the tool generates a cover letter tailored to the specific job requirements.

CareerPen's AI analyzes both the job post and the user's LinkedIn profile to create a compelling cover letter that highlights the user's relevant skills and experience.

With CareerPen, job seekers can apply for dozens of jobs every day rather than spending hours crafting personalized cover letters for each application.CareerPen offers three pricing plans that are based on the number of cover letters users want to generate.

Users can buy a starter pack for $10, which includes ten tokens, and each token can generate one cover letter. The pro pack costs $20 and includes 30 tokens, while the premium pack with 120 tokens costs $40.CareerPen's browser extension is secure, and the source code is open for users' review.

Users can also use all the features of CareerPen without installing the extension. Additionally, CareerPen is working on a new feature that will allow users to generate answers to HR survey questions, which will pop up during LinkedIn's Quick Apply flow, giving users the possibility to send dozens of high-quality applications per hour.Overall, CareerPen represents a quick and easy way for job seekers to create personalized cover letters with minimal effort.


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CareerPen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-click cover letter generation
Personalized to job requirements
Uses LinkedIn profile data
Browser extension functionality
Secure and open-source extension
No extension required for use
Customizes letters from profile
Faster cover letters writing
Multiple affordable pricing plans
Generates multiple cover letters
Single payment, no subscription
Public LinkedIn data use only
Doesn't sell user's data
Supports LinkedIn Quick Apply
Plans to provide HR survey response
Allows application at scale
Supports non-LinkedIn job posts
Cover letter per token system
Helps high quality applications
Works alongside LinkedIn job posts


Limited to LinkedIn profiles
No free use
Tokens system can be costly
Limited to browser extension
No opportunity for personal creativity
Only auto-generates cover letters
Requires thorough LinkedIn profile
Not useful for non-LinkedIn jobs
Sensitive to job post's wording
Expansion features under development


What is CareerPen?
How does CareerPen generate personalized cover letters?
How does CareerPen use my LinkedIn profile data?
What's the significance of the button attached to each job post on LinkedIn by CareerPen?
What are the pricing plans for CareerPen?
What's the cost difference between CareerPen's Starter Pack, Pro Pack and Premium Pack?
Do I have to install a browser extension to use CareerPen?
How secure is the CareerPen browser extension?
Does CareerPen offer any additional features beyond cover letter generation?
How can CareerPen help me apply for multiple jobs quickly?
Can CareerPen generate a cover letter for jobs posted outside of LinkedIn?
What specific job requirements does CareerPen consider when crafting a cover letter?
How will CareerPen improve my job search process?
Do I have control over the content of my cover letter with CareerPen?
What kind of data does CareerPen store?
How does CareerPen value my privacy?
Can I review the source code of the CareerPen browser extension?
Does CareerPen also help answer HR survey questions that may pop up during the job application process?
How many cover letters can I generate with one token?
What benefits can I expect if I choose the most expensive plan?

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