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Behired is a web application that leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in creating cover letters for job applications. By providing a job offer link or job role name, Behired generates personalized cover letters within seconds.

The tool also offers additional features such as interview question suggestions and job match analysis, providing insights into strengths and areas of improvement.

Users start by inputting the job offer, and then can upload their CV or resume. Behired analyzes the job offer and resume using AI capabilities to generate a customized cover letter that aligns with the requirements of the job.

It also provides relevant interview question suggestions to help users prepare for interviews.The benefits of using Behired include saving time and effort while applying for jobs, increasing the chances of getting hired, and standing out in a competitive job market with a professional application.

Behired has been trusted by thousands of users to aid in their job search.Behired has received positive feedback from users who have found it instrumental in creating customized cover letters quickly and effectively.

The tool is designed to streamline the job search process and help users secure their dream job.Please note that the specific details regarding the tool's performance and user testimonials are not provided in the text, as it avoids marketing language and buzzwords.


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Aug 9, 2023
Great tool. I've used that to apply to 10 job offers in 15 minutes!

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Behired was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized cover letters
Allows job offer input
Offers interview question suggestions
Provides job match analysis
Insights into strength and weaknesses
Analyses and utilizes resume
Designed for job search process
Used and trusted by thousands
Positive user feedback
Eliminates need for manual crafting of cover letters
Saves job applicants' time
Stands out with professional applications
Prepares users for interviews
Facilitates professional alignment with job requirements
Assists in securing dream jobs
Presents potential job match issues
Streamlined user interface
Simple three-step process
Fast cover letter creation


Requires internet connection
Web-only application
Limited to cover letters
No offline functionality
Does not process transcripts
Unclear data privacy policy
No mobile application
Job match analysis ambiguities
No multi-language support
No backwards compatibility


What is Behired?
How does Behired use AI to help in job applications?
What are the key features of Behired?
How can Behired generate a customized cover letter?
Can Behired assist in interview preparations?
What is the process of using Behired?
Can I upload my CV or resume to Behired?
How does Behired analyze my job offer?
What are the benefits of using Behired?
Why is Behired trusted by thousands of users?
How can Behired increase my chances of getting hired?
Is Behired easy to use?
Does Behired provide job match analysis?
How quick can Behired generate a cover letter?
Can Behired help me stand out in the job market?
Is Behired a web application?
What kind of jobs can Behired help with?
Does Behired provide any other services apart from cover letter generation?
Does Behired provide relevant interview question suggestions?
How reliable is Behired in securing a job?

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