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Guiding you in job applications and freelance career paths.
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How do I start freelancing on Fiverr?
What should I include in my freelance service description?
Can you help me tailor my CV for freelance work?
What marketing strategies are effective for growing a freelance business?
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Career Coach AI is a GPT developed by SolunAI Solutions designed to guide users in their job applications and navigate the various aspects of freelance career paths.

The tool facilitates in-depth discussions about job opportunities, offering advice tailored to the individual user's needs. The main focus of Career Coach AI is to provide users with useful guidance regarding the start and progression of their freelance work.

This extends from advising on how to establish one's profile on online freelance platforms like Fiverr, to assisting in crafting attractive freelance service descriptions.

Career Coach AI also offers help on tailoring one's Curriculum Vitae (CV) to meet the specific needs of freelance work. Furthermore, the tool provides guidance on effective marketing strategies that can help freelance businesses expand their reach and grow.

The tool's ability to provide personalized advice aids in navigating complex job application processes and freelance career paths, benefitting users ranging from those seeking a career shift to freelancers looking to enhance their business.

As a GPT, Career Coach AI requires ChatGPT Plus to function.


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Career Coach AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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