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Web platform for rapid resume creation.
Generated by ChatGPT

MajorGen is an AI-powered web platform that enables users to quickly generate top-notch resumes and cover letters. By simply inputting their personal and professional information, including their work experience, education and skills, users can generate a professional document in seconds.

MajorGen offers multiple options for users to create their documents, such as the ability to upload old resumes and craft a new one, generate up to five different options with a click and even create resumes from LinkedIn profiles.

Once completed, users can download their resumes and cover letters as PDF or Word documents, allowing for easy updates and customization at any time. MajorGen is an on-demand service, costing $1 for a professional resume.

It is an efficient way for users to quickly craft job-ready resumes and cover letters with the power of AI.


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Majorgen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multiple document generation
Upload old resumes
LinkedIn profile converter
Generates 5 options
Download as PDF/Word
On-demand service
Cost effective
Rapid generation
Customizable documents
Quality resumes
Quality cover letters
Enables quick job readiness
Easy input interface
Regular updates possible
Effortless information transformation
Quick upgrade of old resumes
Variety in output
Single click operation
On-the-go access
Handy for job seekers
Immediacy in application process
Convenience of web platform
Customization after generation
Easy document sharing
Personal and professional data input
MajorGen team support
Provides FAQs
Efficiency in job document crafting
Easy start process
Secured privacy policy
Clear terms of service
User-friendly site navigation
Usable on any device
Convenient payment options
Diverse template options
Real-time resume revisions
Active customer support
Email contact available
Saves time on formatting
Professional appearance
Bypasses complex design decisions
Handles data entry


No free version
Limited customization options
No built-in job posting
Limited to five versions
No language options
Relies on user-provided info
Doesn't support text export
No mobile app


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Does MajorGen offer free trials?
How much does MajorGen cost?
What types of documents does MajorGen produce?
Can I customize the templates on MajorGen?
What information do I need to provide to MajorGen?
Is MajorGen a subscription based service?
Does MajorGen offer any job search assistance?
How reliable is MajorGen's AI for document creation?
Is there a limit to the number of documents I can create with MajorGen?
Can MajorGen handle input in different languages?
What level of professional experience is MajorGen suitable for?
Can MajorGen integrate with other job search platforms?
How secure is my data with MajorGen?
Does MajorGen offer any other services aside from resume and cover letter generation?


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