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Custom resume generator with advanced language model.
Generated by ChatGPT

Resumatic is a resume builder powered by ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model. It offers a fast and efficient way to create a personalized and professionally tailored resume.

With Resumatic, users can impress employers by highlighting their unique skills and achievements.The tool provides over 20 different resume layouts to choose from, allowing users to customize the format of their resumes.

It also offers features such as keyword targeting, real-time content analysis, and instant resume scoring. These features help optimize the resume for success by ensuring it speaks directly to recruiters and stands out among others.Additionally, Resumatic offers expert resume review by a team of seasoned professionals.

This ensures that the resume is meticulously analyzed and revamped to make it appealing to both recruiters and hiring managers.The tool is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface, making it easy to create and manage resumes.

It also provides ATS compliance, meaning the resumes are formatted to be compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems used by employers.Resumatic offers both free and premium subscription plans.

The free plan allows users to get a feel for the software with limited features, while the premium plan includes unlimited resume downloads and additional AI credits.

The premium plan offers a 100% refund guarantee and users can cancel anytime.


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Resumatic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom resume generator
Over 20 resume layouts
Keyword targeting
Real-time content analysis
Instant resume scoring
Expert resume review
User-friendly interface
ATS compatibility
Free and premium plans
100% refund guarantee
ChatGPT powered
Understands job seekers
Efficient resume creation
Resume Builder
Cover Letter Builder
Resignation Letter Builder
Real Time Content Analysis
Blockchain Verification
Multiple file format support
5 ATS Resume Templates
Resume LinkedIn import
Personalized resume writing
User testimonials
Provides expert guidance
Unlimited downloads on premium
Indicates ATS compatibility
Intelligent keyword targeting
Feedback and suggestions
Free plan available
Easy-to-use interface
Resume management
Personal achievements highlight
.PDF, .DOCX, Doc support
Easily adjustable templates
Lifetime plan available
Flexible pricing options
Designed for recruiter attention
Limited features on free
Monthly resume review
Intuitive interface
Career specific support


No free unlimited downloads
Lacks version control
No collaborative features
No option for offline use
No job tracking integration
Limited templates in free version
Limited layout customization


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Can Resumatic score my resume?
Does Resumatic offer a resume review service?
How user-friendly is Resumatic?
What is ATS compliance and how does it affect my Resumatic resume?
Does Resumatic offer free and premium subscription plans?
What is included in the free and premium plans of Resumatic?
How does the refund guarantee system work in Resumatic?
Can I import my existing resume from Linkedin to Resumatic?
How does Resumatic's AI Resume Editor work?
What file formats does Resumatic support for resume downloads?
How can I use Resumatic's AI Keyword Targeting for my job search?
How can Resumatic's AI-driven writing tools help improve my resume?
Can I start with a free Resumatic plan and upgrade to Pro later?
How can I cancel my Resumatic subscription?

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