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ByBanda Abdallah Khalifa
All-in-one career coach for resumes, cover letters, and career growth
GPT welcome message: Welcome to comprehensive career coaching for your professional growth!
Sample prompts:
How should I format my resume for a top university job?
Can you help align my resume with this job description?
What is an effective way to list my publications?
How can I make my extracurriculars stand out on my resume?
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Career Catalyst is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) designed to act as an all-inclusive career coach. It leverages the power of AI to provide guidance on resumes and cover letters and promote career growth.

The GPT is targeting any individuals from those in the early stages of their careers to experienced professionals seeking to optimise their career potential.

The Career Catalyst offers expert assistance in resume formatting, matching applications with job descriptions, listing publications effectively, and making extracurricular activities stand out in a resume.

These features are useful resources for job seekers and professionals looking to stand out in the competitive job market. Career Catalyst goes beyond traditional career coaching by offering instant and personalized advice, helping users make significant strides in their career progression.

Its artificial intelligence capabilities enable it to provide precise, real-time feedback on resumes and cover letters, equipping professionals with insights to enhance their professional portrayals.

Moreover, it emphasises professional growth, preparing users to seize career opportunities and build their careers strategically. Chat prompts are built into the Career Catalyst, making it an interactive tool that engages users in constructive conversations about their career paths.

The Career Catalyst GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus for optimal use. As a self-contained career coach offering comprehensive services for professional advancement, Career Catalyst makes a strong contribution to leveraging AI for career development.


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