Career development 2023-11-04
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ByHorbette Edouard
Improving professional positioning, one coaching session at a time.
Sample prompts:
Améliore mon CV
Améliore mon Linkedin
Prépare moi à mon entretien d'embauche
Trouve l'offre d'emploi idéale
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Coach Carrire is a specialized Generalized Pretrained Transformer (GPT) focused on assisting individuals who are seeking to improve their professional positioning.

As an application on top of ChatGPT, it provides tailored support for various career advancement needs. The GPT empowers its users through different prompt starters that aim to enhance users' resumes, optimise their LinkedIn profiles, prepare them for job interviews, and help them find the ideal job offer.

Built and introduced by Horbette Edouard, Coach Carrire can be accessed by signing up for ChatGPT Plus. Offering a user-friendly interface and a welcoming environment, this GPT aims to provide actionable and personalized assistance for career development.

It encourages individuals to interact, ask questions, and seek advice to equip themselves better for their professional journey. This tool is a valuable resource for those who are in career transition phases or seeking ways to enhance their professional persona.

Please note that to use the services of Coach Carrire, it requires a user to register for ChatGPT Plus.


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Coach Carrire was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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