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Palm is an AI-powered platform for skill and career management. It offers a range of modules designed to help businesses manage their human capital effectively.

The platform uses AI to automatically map skills and provides real-time visualization of the skills gap within an organization. With Palm, businesses can easily identify the skills employees possess and the skills they need to acquire, allowing for targeted training and development.One of Palm's key features is its ability to map job positions and skills.

The AI technology extracts skills from job descriptions and assesses their mastery level. This enables businesses to quickly map and catalog all the skills within their organization.Palm also provides career path planning capabilities.

The platform helps organizations create personalized career paths for employees by identifying possible career advancements and alternative career paths.

These pathways can be based on horizontal or vertical transitions, allowing employees to explore different career options.Furthermore, Palm helps businesses foster employee engagement and retention by presenting internal opportunities to employees.

With the platform, employees can easily access information regarding internal projects, job vacancies, and mentoring discussions, ensuring that opportunities for growth and development are visible to all employees.The platform also facilitates people review at scale.

Palm helps identify top talent through collaborative assessments with managers and offers a customizable 9-box grid for talent positioning. It then suggests appropriate training and development opportunities for each individual, as well as relevant projects to gain experience.Palm aims to break down silos within organizations and promote talent mobility, resulting in reduced turnover, improved employee engagement, and optimized skill management.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time skills gap visualization
Career path planning capabilities
Internal opportunities presentation
Facilitates large scale people review
Customizable 9-box grid
Training and development suggestions
Promotes talent mobility
Career advancements identification
Alternative career paths exploration
Turnover reduction
Optimized skill management
Job descriptions skill extraction
Mentoring discussion opportunities
Visualization of skills gap
Collaborative assessments with managers
Matches talents with opportunities
Automated skill mapping
Breaks down silos
Skill mastery level assessment


Language barriers
Limited customization
Potential privacy concerns
Over-reliance on automation
Unclear pricing structure
Lack of specified tech support
May have integration issues
Unspecified data storage limits
Requires extensive data input


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What is the 9-box grid in PalmAI?
How does PalmAI promote talent mobility within an organization?
What are the key features of PalmAI?
What industries or businesses can use PalmAI?
How does PalmAI help in mapping job positions and skills?
Does PalmAI offer targeted training and development for employees?
How does PalmAI enable businesses to foster employee engagement?
What is the talent marketplace feature in PalmAI?
Does PalmAI offer internal growth opportunities for employees?
How does PalmAI break down silos within organizations?
What is the 'Performance and Potential' module in PalmAI?
How does PalmAI assist in people review at scale?
Does PalmAI have visualization tools to display skills gap?
Can PalmAI extract information from job descriptions automatically?

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