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Build tailored resumes for any job using AI.
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Blindfold is an AI Resume Builder platform designed to create custom tailored resumes targeting different jobs. It uses generative AI technology to assist users with managing and creating multiple resumes that align with various job demands.

The platform also features an enhancement tool in which the AI helps write or improve sections of a resume. This function saves users time and helps in crafting effective and impactful content by identifying skills to make profiles more relevant and compelling for jobs the user is interested in.

Blindfold also features a unique masking function that hides specifics like name, contact information, location, and current company, aiming to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process.

This feature promotes the evaluation of candidates solely based on their abilities, potential, and qualification, fostering a more inclusive hiring landscape.

Blindfold supports a fair and equal opportunities hiring process, making it an influential tool in reducing hiring biases and revolutionizing the hiring process.


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Blindfold was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Custom tailored resumes
Multiple resume management
Resume content enhancement
Skill identification
Time-saving functions
Masking function
Reduces unconscious bias
Promotes ability-based evaluation
Supports inclusive hiring
Encourages equal opportunities
Chrome extension for application autofill
Interactive demo features
Promotes qualification-based judgement
Professional endorsements
Inclusive hiring landscape
ATS-friendly resume layouts
Reappl applying with past rejections
Prevents social media bias
Multiple layout options
Masking function for location
Reduces bias on location


No offline version
Limited resume layout options
No mobile app available
No backup and restore feature
No integration with job sites
Limited language support
No customization for masking feature
Might oversimplify complex jobs


What is Blindfold?
How does Blindfold work?
How does Blindfold's AI create tailored resumes?
What is the generative AI technology used in Blindfold?
How does the enhancement tool in Blindfold work?
Can Blindfold help me create multiple resumes targeting different jobs?
Does Blindfold have a masking function?
What specifics are hidden by Blindfold's masking function?
How does Blindfold promote inclusivity in the hiring process?
How can Blindfold contribute to a fair and equal opportunities hiring process?
Do I need to sign up or create an account to use Blindfold?
Does Blindfold identify skills to make my resume more relevant?
How does Blindfold help manage multiple resumes?
Is Blindfold suitable for any particular fields or industries?
Can Blindfold help me automatically fill job applications?
How does Blindfold help in reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process?
Does Blindfold provide ATS-friendly resume layouts?
Can Blindfold help improve my existing resume?
Is there a cost associated with using Blindfold's services?
Can I use Blindfold to apply discreetly for jobs without coworkers knowing?

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