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All-round career coach for resumes, cover letters, interviews and more.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I assist with cover letters, resumes, professional messaging, interview prep, and more. Ask me anything!
Sample prompts:
Send your resume and job details for a cover letter.
Share your resume to tailor it for a job.
Find a person's company email.
Draft a cold email to a school alum.
Help me prepare for an interview.
Review my cover letter and give feedback.
Provide career development advice.
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Career Assistant is a GPT designed as an all-round career coach. Its primary functionality involves providing assistance with cover letters, resumes, professional messaging, and interviews among others.

Once a user signs up, the tool uses comprehensive techniques to provide feedback, critique, or advice related to various aspects of career development.

It is primarily beneficial for individuals seeking detailed guidance in a job application process or those looking for ways to improve their professional communication.

Users can interact with Career Assistant by sending their resume and job details for a cover letter or sharing their resume to tailor it for a specific job.

Moreover, this GPT can be utilized to find a person's company email or draft a cold email to a school alumni. It offers interview preparation help and provides resume reviews, alongside feedback.

The issuer states that it is ideal for those seeking expertise in drafting cover letters, refining resumes, professional messaging, preparing for interviews, and more.

To use the Career Assistant, one requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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