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Job applicant personalization for job seekers.
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Spence is a Generative HR bot offered by kindbuds.ai. Its main goal is to assist job seekers in creating customized and compelling resumes and cover letters for specific job opportunities.

By uploading their resume and providing the URL of the desired job, users can leverage Spence's capabilities.Utilizing AI technology, Spence carefully analyzes the job description provided, focusing on the specific requirements and qualifications sought by the employer.

With this information, Spence tailors both the resume and cover letter to highlight the user's best-fit attributes for that role. This customization aims to give job seekers a competitive edge, ensuring that their applications stand out from generic and standardized ones.The tool's aim is to optimize the user's documents and increase their chances of securing job interviews.

By personalizing the application materials to align with the job requirements, Spence enhances the overall quality and relevance of the submission.Joining the beta program at kindbuds.ai provides access to Spence's services.

The tool enables job seekers to create, train, and deploy AI chatbots with unique personalities, potentially helping them navigate the emerging bot network economy.With Spence, users can rely on an AI-powered assistant to craft tailored job applications, ultimately facilitating their job search process and potentially improving their chances of success.


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Sep 15, 2023
It's not operational. In the description, it says: Simply upload your resume and provide the URL of the job you're eyeing. In no time, I'll analyze the specific job description and tailor both your resume and a compelling cover letter. But once I provided the URL, it said that it's a text-based tool and cant access external Links!

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