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Chat with my resume for AI job fit.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Anthony Libby. Let's discuss my AI development experience.
Sample prompts:
Tell me about your experience with Flutter.
How do you approach mobile app development?
Can you describe your time at KnowBe4 Inc.?
What interests you in AI and machine learning?
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TonyAIDeveloperResume is a unique GPT designed to facilitate the presentation and exploration of a software developer's resume. Instead of a traditional static resume, TonyAIDeveloperResume allows potential employers or collaborators to interact directly with a dynamic representation of a developer's work history, skills and interests, significantly enhancing the level of engagement and understanding.

This GPT provides information about a developer's experience and expertise in AI and mobile app development using a chat-based interface. Typical interactions may encompass questions about the developer's proficiency in specific coding languages like Flutter, methodologies used in mobile app development, or inquiries about the developer's prior experiences at companies, such as KnowBe4 Inc.

Additionally, this GPT can shed light on the developer's interests in AI and machine learning. TonyAIDeveloperResume represents an innovative approach to sharing professional profiles in the AI field, aiming to provide a comprehensive, conversational, and convenient method for companies or individuals who are seeking qualified AI professionals for collaboration.


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