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Refactors code, answers questions, edits code.
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Continue is an open-source autopilot tool for software development that can be used as a Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension. It integrates ChatGPT's capabilities into the IDE, allowing developers to generate, refactor, and explain sections of code with ease.One of the key features of Continue is the ability to answer coding questions.

By highlighting a section of code, developers can ask Continue for alternative perspectives on how to approach a coding problem. Examples of questions that can be asked include setting up a Prisma schema that cascades deletes, determining the appropriate location for making a backend request within a web page, or establishing communication between iframes.Continue also offers the ability to edit code using natural language commands.

Developers can highlight a section of code and instruct Continue to refactor it according to specific requirements. For instance, they can ask Continue to change a plot into a bar chart in a dashboard component, rewrite a function to be asynchronous, or migrate a Digital Ocean Terraform file to one suitable for Google Cloud Platform.Furthermore, Continue allows developers to generate files from scratch.

By opening a blank file, developers can prompt Continue to create new Python scripts, React components, and more. For example, they can ask Continue to write a connector for Postgres, create an IAM policy for read-only access to S3, or generate an SQL query to retrieve recently churned users.To stay updated with the latest developments, developers can subscribe to Continue's newsletter or join their Discord community.

Continue is an open-source project maintained by Continue Dev, Inc.


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