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Auto-generate and streamline code documentation.
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Docify AI is an automated tool designed to generate comments and streamline code documentation. It assists software developers in improving code quality and enhancing productivity by automatically creating docstrings and inline comments.

Docify AI picks up crucial code blocks, adds explanatory or summarizing comments to them, and allows developers to write their comments using popular formats or personalized templates.

Additionally, it offers the functionality to extract and translate existing comments to various languages. Its AI models are developed in-house to ensure data privacy and high performance.

Specifically designed for professional developers, it provides a high degree of control over how comments are generated, edited, and inserted into the source code.

Of note is its commitment to privacy: user data or code are never stored. The AI model improves by learning from publicly available datasets. Docify AI supports creating comments and documentation in nine popular programming languages and offers translation services to ten languages.

It caters to both individual developers and businesses, providing dedicated or self-hosting options for enterprises along with API and CLI for flexible deployment strategies, and extra features for teams and projects.


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Docify AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates code documentation
Improves code quality
Enhances developer productivity
Generates docstrings automatically
Generates inline comments
Identifies important code blocks
Offers comment personalization
Translates comments to languages
Ensures data privacy
Control over comment generation
Supports nine programming languages
Offers translation to ten languages
Caters to businesses and individuals
Offers dedicated or self-hosting
Offers API and CLI
Extra features for teams
Doesn't store user data
Improves by learning publicly available datasets
Quick results for large codes
Offers maximum control over comments
Saves time and effort
Provides inline comment explanation
Can supplement comments for legacy code
Helps ensure comment coverage


Limited to nine languages
Translation only to ten languages
Lacks real-time assistance
Translation quality uncertain
Limited customization of comments
Performance on large codebases unclear
Requires external API/CLI for deployment
Learning solely from public datasets
No mobile support


What is Docify AI?
What functionality does Docify AI provide?
How can Docify AI improve my code documentation?
Is my data and code secure with Docify AI?
How does Docify AI ensure high performance?
Which programming languages are supported by Docify AI?
In what languages can Docify AI translate comments?
How can I customize comment generation in Docify AI?
Does Docify AI offer any solutions for enterprises?
What interface does Docify AI provide for deployment?
What are the unique features of Docify AI for teams and projects?
How does the AI model in Docify AI learn and improve?
Does Docify AI support automated generation of inline comments?
Can Docify AI handle large and complicated source code?
What does Docify AI mean by 'high degree of control' over comments?
What's the primary advantage of using Docify AI for code documentation?
Are there any personalized templates in Docify AI?
How can Docify AI boost developer productivity?
Can Docify AI assist with documentation in legacy code base?
Does Docify AI store any of my code or data?

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