Code documentation 2023-09-27
Automated code doc for dev productivity.
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Mimrr is a tool that automates code documentation, allowing developers to focus on building products. With Mimrr, users can effortlessly generate and update their code documentation site whenever changes are made to the code.

Currently, the tool supports Typescript, Javascript, and C#, with plans to add more languages in the future.One of Mimrr's key features is its intuitive code commenting functionality.

With a single click in the integrated development environment (IDE), users can generate detailed descriptions for their classes and functions. Currently, Mimrr supports VS Code, with additional plugins for other IDEs in the pipeline.Mimrr also offers multi-project support, allowing users to seamlessly organize and view multiple projects within a single dashboard.

This feature ensures that the tool can grow with users as their project portfolio expands.The tool provides straightforward pipeline integration, enabling users to add a build step to their existing pipelines.

This integration ensures that documentation stays up-to-date with every build, streamlining the documentation process.Mimrr supports both public and private hosting options, allowing users to host their documentation publicly for end-users to access APIs or privately for internal team use.

The tool also provides multilayered protection to ensure the security of hosted documentation.By leveraging Mimrr, developers can unlock their full potential by reducing the time spent documenting code, easily onboarding new developers, and providing richer context for maintenance and debugging.

Users can create a free account to get started, and there is also an option to book a free demo with the sales team for a more personalized introduction to the tool.

Mimrr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 28th 2023.
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