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Accelerated project management for software development.
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Pacely is a project management tool with an AI assistant designed to accelerate software development processes. The AI assistant has a deep understanding of code, making it a real-time guide for developers.

It generates on-demand documentation and helps navigate through the complexities of the codebase, saving time and effort in explaining system behavior and writing descriptive tickets.

The AI also provides intelligent bug analysis with actionable fixes, facilitating faster issue resolution.Pacely integrates with Slack, enabling seamless communication and onboarding experiences.

The AI assistant is available on Slack and assists teams in understanding the codebase, streamlining cross-team communication, and freeing up team members to focus on innovation and business goals.The tool offers an intuitive organization system utilizing stacks, allowing users to break down their backlog into smaller, ordered clusters of stories.

Priorities can be set within the stacks, ensuring that the highest priority items are always visible at the top. Stories can be quickly added, inserted, and moved within the stacks, providing agility and flexibility in managing tasks.Pacely supports customizable workflows, allowing users to align the tool's stages with their specific needs, from inception to completion.

The tool also integrates with GitHub, automatically associating branches and tracking GitHub activity. Additionally, Pacely provides Slack updates, ensuring that users receive timely notifications and important messages in a familiar and trusted environment.Overall, Pacely combines project management functionalities with AI capabilities to enhance software development processes, improve communication, and optimize team productivity.

Pacely was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 22nd 2023.
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