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Platform for content creation and project management.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform designed for entrepreneurs, marketers and influencers to help them create content and grow their businesses more effectively.

The tool provides personalized project management, task tracking, and content creation ideas in one convenient location. The platform uses advanced AI technology to generate comprehensive articles, compelling marketing content, and unique images tailored to the needs of the user.

To get started with, users select the type of content they want to generate, input relevant keywords, and choose the tone style, language, and writing perspective to adjust to their content type.

The tool then generates content that can be edited and polished within the editor before being published on the user's offers multiple plans, including a free plan that provides access to essential features, making it perfect for individual users and small projects.

The Hobby plan offers advanced features and increased limits, while the Pro plan delivers premium features, top-tier performance, and priority support for professionals and enterprises.

The platform logs user data but adheres to its Privacy Policy, including its cookie policy. Some of the features available on include blogging, generating blog post ideas, writing title ideas, and creating unique images.

Ultimately, offers a powerful AI-driven solution for content creation and management that can help businesses and marketers save time and improve their content strategies.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized project management
Task tracking feature
Content ideas generator
Generates comprehensive articles
Generates marketing content
Creates unique images
Adjustable tone style, language, perspective
In-built editor for polishing content
Integration with user's CMS
Free plan available
Advanced features in Hobby Plan
Premium features in Pro Plan
Priority support for professionals
Privacy policy adherence
Multilingual content generation
Blog post creation
Title creation for blogs
Saves time in content creation
Image creation capability
Content generated based on inputted keywords
Different pricing tiers for different needs
Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Influencers
No credit card required for sign-up
Can generate blog post ideas
Plan suitable for small projects
Project scaling help with Hobby Plan
Easy workflow for blog post generation
Output customization based on content type
Generate blog titles
User data secured
Available social media networking
Wide global knowledge
Enables business growth
Helps in improving content strategies
Increased limits for enthusiasts
Premium features for professionals
Top-tier performance for enterprises
Improved business innovation with Pro Plan
10x faster web content creation
Guided workflow for ease of use
Easy copy and paste into CMS for publishing
Content creation facilitated
Faster business development and growth
User-friendly interface
Professional content creation aid
Comprehensive article generation
Create images based on requirement


Limited language support
No offline mode
No multi-user collaboration
No customizable templates
Limited integrations
Storing user data
No version history
No active plagiarism detector
Limited free plan
No real-time co-editing


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How can I generate content with
What types of content can I create with
What are the different plans offered by
What is the pricing for's Pro Plan?
Does offer a free plan and what does it include?
Can I edit and polish the content within platform?
What is the 'Generate an Image' feature in
How can help me save time in content creation?
What type of user data does log?
Does respect the user's privacy?
What special features are offered in the Hobby Plan?
What is an AI Credit in and how does it work?
Can create content in multiple languages?
Does provide support for enterprise businesses?
How to define the tone style, language, and writing perspective in
What steps should I follow to publish my content with
Can generate blog post ideas?
How to contact the customer support of
Can I generate and publish my content directly onto my CMS with


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