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Content gen for bloggers, marketers & agencies.
Generated by ChatGPT is a next generation AI writing tool designed to help affiliate managers and copywriters save time and money when creating content. It provides a powerful text builder interface that enables users to quickly and easily generate high-quality articles and reviews with just a few clicks. is powered by the latest generation of text generation AI, which runs on ultra-fast GPU cloud servers for lightning-fast generation of text in just 2-5 seconds.

Additionally,’s team consists of several affiliate experts who have integrated their knowledge into the AI models, allowing users to write Top 10 Best...

or Buyers Guide articles quickly and easily. With, users can generate Ads Copy (AIDA, PAS, Facebook, Google Ads), Blog Content (Blog Intros, Outlines Ideas, Bullet Points to Full Blog, Post Conclusions), and Affiliate Product Reviews (Product Reviews Paragraphs, Review Intros). is suitable for bloggers, authors, affiliate marketers, SEO agencies and startup founders, and comes with a one-time lifetime payment, so users don’t have to pay monthly for the tools they need to run their business.


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Are you looking for a specific feature that's not present in was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Lightning-fast generation
Ads Copy generation
Blog Content generation
Affiliate Product Reviews generation
One-time lifetime payment
5000+ articles with one click
Content regenerating
SERP Topic ideas
Website outlines copying feature
Adding images to articles
WordPress plugin
ChatGPT Prompts compatible
Drag & Drop text builder
Top 10 Best Listicles generation
High-quality long articles
Ad, website text, and startup text generation
Customizable content
Article and review one-click generation
SEO-oriented articles
Unique, plagiarism-free content
Multi-level algorithm
User-friendly interface
Shopify/Amazon Product Descriptions
Affiliate blogging focused
Super fast text generation
Over 90+ templates
Weekly new templates addition
Post conclusions generation
GPT-3.5 utilized
Content diversity
Blogger suitable
Suitable for startup founders
New template addition every week
SEO-friendly articles for high-ranking
Rapid customer support
Free trial
Affordable pricing
Trained GPT module
High-quality results
Algorithm-integrated outlines
Text regeneration
Text or Product modules
Drag & Drop results
Text editing
Top Notch support
Topic ideas for all
Content improver for better engagement


No free tier
No API access
Limited template options
No multi-language support
Limited style variations
Cannot add images
Specifically targets affiliate marketers
Lacks WordPress plugin
Closed source
No real-time collaboration


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What can I generate with
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What makes different from other AI writing tools?
How fast is text generation in
Can assist in writing affiliate product reviews?
What specific modules can I generate using
What platforms is suitable for?
Can handle large volumes of articles?
Can produce text for ad copy?
What AI technology is based on?
Does provide a 'try before buy' option?
Does provide a lifetime usage option?
Is user-friendly?
Does come with a tutorial?
Can I add images to my articles using
How is useful for affiliate marketers?
Can generate blog content and blog post conclusions?

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