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Assisted writing and SEO for marketing copy and blogs.
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NeuralText is an AI-powered writing assistant and SEO tool designed to help users quickly and easily generate marketing copy and blog posts. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to streamline the content creation process and save users time.

Furthermore, NeuralText also provides users with access to a range of SEOP tools to ensure that their content is optimized for maximum visibility. Additionally, the tool is compliant with GDPR regulations and utilizes cookies to store user consent and other data to ensure that it is compliant with IABV2SETTINGS.

Furthermore, NeuralText also integrates with third-party services such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and YouTube to track user behaviour and interaction data.

This data is used to optimize the website and make advertisements more relevant.


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Neuraltext was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick content generation
Streamlines writing process
SEO optimization tools
GDPR compliant
Cookie consent storage
Integrates with Google Analytics
Integrates with LinkedIn
Integrates with YouTube
Tracks user behavior
Optimizes website
Makes advertisements relevant
Prevention from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks
Tracks marketing category acceptance for GDPR-compliance
Estimates optimal video quality
Tracks visitor behavior across websites
Tracks usage of embedded services
Customizes user experience based on language and region
Tracks visitor's preferences for advertisements
Tracks user's interaction with website's search-bar-function
Tracks interactions with embedded content
Estimates user's bandwidth on pages with YouTube videos
Stores video player preferences
Identifies long-tail keywords
Offers keyword suggestions
Features keyword clustering
Integrates with Google Drive
Integrates with WordPress
Integrates with Shopify
Integration with Google Chrome
Identify topic clusters
Analyze organic competition
Generates content briefs
Optimize content for search engines
Assists in content creation
Assists in overcoming writer's block
Helps create effective marketing copy
Generates more variations of copy
Assists in writing Facebook ads and other text
Optimizes SEO content quickly
Saves on research time
Automates content operations
Simplifies SEO and content collaboration


No integration with Shopify
No integration with WordPress
Limited to 20,000 words/month
Limited SEO analysis
No keyword clustering
Requires third-party cookies
Limited 5-day trial period
Extra cost for additional users
Limited free version functionality
Only integrates with Google Drive


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How can NeuralText assist in SEO and blogging?
Does NeuralText provide tools for SEO optimization?
What kind of AI technology does NeuralText use?
Is NeuralText GDPR compliant?
How does NeuralText use cookies?
How does NeuralText integrate with Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and YouTube?
How does NeuralText use user behaviour and interaction data?
How does NeuralText handle user consent?
Does NeuralText offer any third-party services integration?
What is the purpose of cookies on NeuralText?
What type of content does NeuralText help in creating?
How does NeuralText optimize the user's website?
In what way does NeuralText help in making advertisements more relevant?
What kind of user data does NeuralText collect and store?
How is user data used to optimize the product?
What services does NeuralText offer for content creation?
Can NeuralText also be used for marketing purposes?
Why does NeuralText integrate with Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and YouTube?
How does NeuralText use AI to aid in writing?

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