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Transforming your spoken words into polished articles, effortlessly.
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Rimo is an artificial intelligence powered tool designed to transform spoken words into polished articles effortlessly. The tool provides various features aiming to streamline content creation process from planning to publishing.

Rimo offers AI-assisted interview planning where it understands user's objectives and desired themes, and suggests optimized, ready-to-use questions. The tool is capable of conducting, transcribing, and summarizing interviews in a resource-limited context using its AI capabilities.

Rimo generates initial frameworks focusing on the main questions and points, thus assisting in the writing process. A set of fluent writing tools are available with the tool which includes dictionary integration, editing based on transcription, filler word removal, and easy exports to Word or Markdown formats.

Users can also upload video and audio files for seamless editing. Articles created through Rimo can be customized as per user's instructions during the initial proofing or after the draft is written.

The tool can be used to craft a broad range of articles from business insights to technology news. The duration of content creation can vary, depending on the level of streamlining during interview editing.


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Rimo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Suggests optimized questions
Transcribes and summarizes interviews
Works in resource-limited context
Generates initial frameworks
Fluent writing tools
Dictionary integration
Editing based on transcription
Filler word removal
Exports to Word or Markdown
Video and audio file import
Customizable articles
Broad range of articles
Adjustable content creation speed
Context-aware editing
Straightforward proofing process
Seamless interview execution
Future-proofed content creation
Fast turnaround time
Variability in article tone
User instruction integration
Transcription-based editing
Seamless file editing
Exports in Markdown format
Efficient workflow management
Streamlined writing process
Business insights generation
Technology news generation
Article's tone customization


No offline functionality
Limited to English language
You can't define tone/style upfront
No real-time transcription
Dependent on user's spoken clarity
No auto-punctuation in transcription
Lack of integration with other platforms
No collaboration feature
Limited file export options


What is Rimo?
How does Rimo transform spoken words into polished articles?
What features does Rimo provide to help with the content creation process?
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Can I conduct, transcribe, and summarize interviews with Rimo?
How does Rimo assist with the writing process?
Does Rimo provide any writing tools?
Does Rimo integrate with dictionary?
Is it possible to remove filler words with Rimo?
Can I export my content to Word or Markdown formats using Rimo?
Can I upload video and audio files to Rimo?
Can Rimo customize the created articles as per my instructions?
Can I use Rimo to write a wide range of articles?
What is the usual duration of content creation with Rimo?
How does Rimo streamline the interview editing process?
How fast can I get my articles using Rimo?
Can I adjust the tone and style of the article using Rimo?
How does the initial proofing process work with Rimo?
Does Rimo provide any free trial or free period?
What kind of subscription plans does Rimo offer after the free period?

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