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Improved content generation in workflows.
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Written Labs is an AI tool that aims to streamline and enhance AI workflows for content generation. With its bulk generation feature, the tool enables users to quickly generate a large volume of articles with just a few clicks.

The tool also offers advanced configuration options to ensure high-quality output and allows for easy keyword import.In addition to content generation, Written Labs provides a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis tool that allows users to gain insights into their competitors' ranking strategies.

By scraping the top 10 SERP results, analyzing headings, URLs, keywords, and including related search queries, users can gain a better understanding of how their competitors are performing in specific keyword searches.Furthermore, Written Labs offers a powerful document editor, providing a notion-like experience for editing the generated content.

The editor supports exporting content in various formats, including HTML, Markdown, and plain text. It also offers AI suggestions for content improvement and optimization.To simplify the publishing process, Written Labs offers bulk publishing to various CMS (Content Management System) platforms such as WordPress and Ghost, with support for more platforms in the future.

Users can publish multiple articles with a single click and benefit from the tool's background publishing functionality.Overall, Written Labs is a comprehensive tool that automates tedious tasks, leverages powerful AI capabilities, and assists users in creating high-volume, high-quality content for their AI workflows.


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Written Labs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 16th 2023.
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