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Personalized article recommendations based on research.
Generated by ChatGPT

Chord is an AI tool that provides personalized recommendations based on a user's interests. The tool finds and watches relevant YouTube videos related to a user's chosen topic and then synthesizes its research into a personalized article.

Chord uses AI to vet and authenticate sources and composes final articles to make sources easier to understand as a body. The tool's editors touch up popular articles to ensure quality.

Additionally, Chord is a free platform and allows users to decide if the articles they generate are associated with their account. There is a privacy toggle available on the user's profile, and articles are by default made public.

Chord does not accept advertiser or affiliate money. Overall, Chord seeks to provide transparent, organic recommendations to its users through personalized articles that are informed by AI-processed research.

Its focus on authenticity and the exclusion of advertiser or affiliate money set Chord apart in the space of AI tools.


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Feb 10, 2024
Announced as free - but costs 5$
Jan 24, 2024
States that it's free but as soon as I sign up(IE transact my data) then get asked to pay $5? This is the 3rd AI company I've come across doing this. No problem with paying for service but please don't lie to people it's not the way to build trust as a brand.
Oct 10, 2023
This product is no longer focused on YouTube. It writes custom articles to answer questions like "What are the top 10 detective movies"

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Pros and Cons


Personalized article recommendations
Uses YouTube as a source
Synthesizes videos into articles
Vets and authenticates sources
Offers transparent recommendations
Free platform
Articles can be anonymous
Exclusion of advertisers
No affiliate money
Quality ensured by editors
Privacy toggle feature
User-defined article association
Caters to various topics
Quick article generation
User-interest based content
Produces public articles
Article archive searching
Transparent source revealing
Community interaction opportunity
Frequent updates through newsletters
Merges video and text insights
Based on organic recommendations
Exposure to variety content
Promotes authentic information sharing
Non Biased due to advertiser exclusion


No offline functionality
Only uses YouTube for research
Lacks advanced privacy settings
No advertiser or affiliate bias
Restricted article customization
Reliant on user profile details
No application programming interface
No integration with other platforms
Limited to article writing/format
Generated articles are public by default


What is the main function of Chord?
How does Chord work to provide personalized article recommendations?
What sources does Chord use for its research?
How does Chord ensure the authenticity of its sources and articles?
Does Chord charge users for its services?
How can users adjust the privacy settings of the articles they generate with Chord?
What role does AI play in Chord's process?
Does Chord contain ads or affiliate links?
Can Chord view and analyze YouTube videos?
Does Chord publish the articles it generates?
What type of articles can I generate with Chord?
Where are Chord's article recommendations based on?
Who are the human editors that touch up Chord's articles?
What does Chord use to vet and authenticate its sources?
What makes Chord different from other AI tools?
How long does it take to generate an article with Chord?
How can I access previously generated articles on Chord?
Can I control whether my generated articles are associated with my account?
What type of interests can I reflect in Chord's personalized articles?
Where can I find more information about Chord's policies and features?

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