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Creating captivating promotional articles in French for your websites.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour, prêt à créer votre article promotionnel!
Sample prompts:
Ajoutez le lien (affilié;-) vers le produit
Coller ici les informations et caractéristiques du produit
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Predactor: Le rdacteur Bons Plans is a GPT that specializes in writing engaging promotional articles in French for websites. The tool operates on the basis of input data such as links or specific information that users provide.

Once the data is fed, it proceeds to create captivating content tailored for promotional purposes. This tool can be particularly helpful for web site owners, content creators or marketing professionals looking for a robust tool to generate promotional articles in French swiftly and effectively.

It is built on top of ChatGPT and hence, it requires the ChatGPT Plus subscription to use. The GPT offers prompt starters to guide users on how to interact with the tool, this includes adding an affiliate link to the product or pasting the product information and characteristics into the tool.

Created by, Predactor has a helpful welcome message, 'Bonjour, prt crer votre article promotionnel!', meaning 'Hello, ready to create your promotional article!'.

This GPT seems to combine the power of OpenAI's GPT technology with a specific use case, resulting in a more tailored approach to content generation.


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