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Automated creation of press releases.
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Press Hook is a free press release generator tool that helps companies create high-quality press releases with just a few clicks. The tool has a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly enter their press release information and generate a professional-looking press release instantly.

Once the press release is generated, users can refine it until it is perfect. Once they are happy with the results, they can simply copy and paste the press release and send it out to media outlets.

Press Hook also offers a paid service that helps businesses get more press exposure by connecting them with journalists to create relevant stories in real-time.

Through this service, businesses can create brand profiles, get placements on top publications, and reach billions of online impressions. Additionally, the company provides a free strategy session to help businesses determine if the paid service is a good fit for them.


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Pros and Cons


Simple, intuitive interface
Instant press release generation
Ability to refine releases
Offers journalist connections
Earned media coverage features
Free strategy session
Brand profiles creation
Posts on top publications
Creates online impressions
Option for real-time stories
Success case previews
Media exposure tools
Affordable pricing options
Resources for PR autonomy
Transparent service
Free for media


No free updates
Limited style options
Dependent on user input
Lacks editing features
Restricted template formats
No multi-language support
Non-responsive customer service
Limited press distribution
Doesn't support rich media


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What is a strategy session offered by Press Hook?
What do brand profiles in Press Hook mean?
Can I get placements on top publications using Press Hook?
How does Press Hook help in getting online impressions?
Is Press Hook tool completely free?
How can I sign up for Press Hook?
What kind of news can I share through Press Hook?
How can I copy and paste the generated press release?
Are there any success cases of brands using Press Hook?
Does Press Hook have any connection with journalists?
Can Press Hook help me reach more media outlets?
Can I expect real-time story creation through Press Hook?
How can Press Hook benefit my business?
What does the Press Hook logo signify?


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