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Simplified creation of attractive Jira release notes.
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AI Release Notes and Changelogs for Jira is a tool designed to help businesses improve customer engagement by creating visually appealing release notes directly from their Jira tickets.

The tool offers various features such as new widgets, customization options to match brand identity, and the ability to categorize posts into different lists for easier management.One of the main features of the tool is the AI copywriter, which allows users to focus on creating engaging stories for their headline features while the AI takes care of the rest.

It automates the tedious parts of writing release notes and offers a powerful editor that enables users to create stunning content with lists, images, code blocks, and more.The tool also provides a "Done Since" filter, allowing users to quickly access issues completed since the last release or within a specific timeframe.

Users can easily drag and drop issues into the editor to craft their release notes, and bulk add multiple bug-fixes or improvements with a single click.With tracking capabilities, the tool keeps track of the issues already written about, eliminating the need for manual compilation.

Additionally, it offers seamless integration with Jira, ensuring easy access to users, permissions, and content. The tool provides a widget that can be embedded in apps or websites, allowing businesses to display their release notes in a visually appealing manner.AI Release Notes and Changelogs for Jira offers different pricing plans, making it suitable for both small teams and growing businesses.

The tool aims to significantly save time and enhance customer communication by streamlining the process of creating release notes and changelogs.


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Pros and Cons


Simplified release notes creation
Visually appealing notes
Customization to match brand
Feature to categorize posts
Automates writing tedious parts
Powerful editor for content
Supports images, lists, codes
'Done Since' filter
Drag and drop functionality
Bulk add feature
Tracks already written issues
Seamless Jira integration
Embeddable release notes widget
Pricing plans flexibility
Time-saving tool
Enhances customer communication


Limited to Jira integration
Doesn't seem scalable
Pricing per user
Watermark on standard package
No multilingual support
No mobile application
No offline functionality
No other platform integration
May need technical know-how
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