Note summaries 17 Jan 2023
Reflect AI
Encrypted note-taking synced and tracked.

Generated by ChatGPT

Reflect is a powerful note-taking app that uses GPT-4 to help users store their thoughts, books, and meetings efficiently. The app is designed to enable users to capture ideas quickly, sync notes across devices in real-time, and keep track of meetings and agendas with calendar integration.

The app also supports custom prompts. Reflect also provides end-to-end encryption, so users know that only they have access to their notes. Furthermore, the app allows users to easily backlink notes, form a graph of ideas, capture snippets from browsers and Kindle, and share anything they write with one click.

Reflect App, LLC. is a global team committed to improving the way people think and their mission is to create the world’s best note-taking app. The app is available for a low monthly rate and a free 14-day trial is available.



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