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Search many platforms fast w/ universal search bar.
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Dropbox Dash is an AI-powered universal search tool that connects all of your tools, content, and apps in a single search bar. It offers connectors to major platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more, helping users find everything they need in one place, fast.

Dropbox Dash is designed to help users spend less time searching and organizing all their content and more time efficiently doing their best work. The tool is powered by machine learning, which makes it more intuitive and improves the user experience the more it is used.

Aside from universal search, the Dropbox Dash browser extension has other features like "STACKS," which are smart collections of links that provide a quick way to save, organize, and retrieve URLs.

This tool was created to help users reduce the time they spend navigating between apps and finding files and content. Knowledge workers spend almost nine hours a week searching for files and content, and 69% spend up to an hour each day navigating between apps.

Dropbox Dash addresses these challenges by providing fast and intuitive search results with a smart interface and machine learning capabilities. Overall, the AI-powered tools from Dropbox are tailored to provide personalized assistance to customers, offering insights and answers to questions to help them get more out of their content and do their best work.


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Pros and Cons


Universal search bar
Connects all tools
Fast searching
Connectors to major platforms
Saves time
Improves with use
STACKS feature
Smart interface
Reduced app navigating
Smart URL collections
Single dashboard access
Quick content summaries
Q&A feature
Able to curate content
Alpha version for selected customers


Limited platform connectors
Reliance on machine learning
Requires browser extension
No multilingual support
Current English-only feature
Stacks feature unproven
Limited rollout - waitlist
Only in BETA
Closed source tool


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