Summaries 19 Jul 2023
Improved online reading with engaging visual stories.

Generated by ChatGPT

Storywiz is an AI reading assistant powered by GPT-4. Its main purpose is to help users absorb key takeaways from stories more efficiently and quickly by generating captivating visual stories and bite-sized AI summaries from any text article.

The tool offers an innovative visual story format that converts traditional text articles into immersive visual stories, providing users with a more engaging and enjoyable reading experience.

These visual stories come in thousands of unique designs, enhancing the appeal and impact of the content. Additionally, Storywiz generates instant AI-powered summaries for online articles, allowing users to gain key information within seconds.

These summaries are of high quality and provide a quick and efficient way to understand the main points of an article. By utilizing these AI-powered summaries, users can save time and absorb important concepts faster.

Storywiz is also known to improve reading productivity, with subscribers saving significant amounts of time each year. It achieves this by combining AI summaries and visual stories, resulting in a more effective and efficient way of consuming information.

The tool caters to different categories of users, including students, professionals, and researchers. For students, Storywiz helps them retain information effectively by combining text and visuals.

Professionals can cut through information overload and enhance their learning experience, while researchers can extract key insights and information quickly from a wide range of articles and studies.

Overall, Storywiz provides a valuable solution for those seeking to enhance their online reading experience, making it more productive, immersive, and enjoyable.

StoryWiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates visual stories
Transforms text articles
Provides immersive reading
Has thousands designs
Generates instant summaries
Creates high-quality summaries
Saves time
Improves reading productivity
Caters to different users
Helps retain information
Cuts through information overload
Extracts key insights quickly
Enhances online reading experience
Used by various organizations
Allows efficient learning
Combines text & visuals
Empowers professional growth
Consumes vast range of articles
Unlimited story credits
Unlimited visual stories
Provides Chrome Extension
User can add stories for later
Offer 7 days trial
Boosts reading productivity
Used by students, professionals, researchers


No free tier available
Limited story credits
No offline capabilities
No multi-platform support
No customization options
Limited in unique designs
Dependent on GPT-4 limitations
Lacks text-to-speech feature
Chrome extension biased
No collaborative reading features


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Who can use StoryWiz?
How can students benefit from using StoryWiz?
How can professionals improve their learning experience with StoryWiz?
How can researchers extract key insights using StoryWiz?
How many unique designs does the visual stories of StoryWiz come in?
Does StoryWiz require a subscription?
Does StoryWiz offer a free trial?
How do I get started with StoryWiz?
How does StoryWiz save time?
How can I use StoryWiz to absorb important concepts faster?
What are the benefits of the AI-powered summaries generated by StoryWiz?
Can I customize the visual stories and summaries on StoryWiz?
Does StoryWiz also work with mobile platforms?
How can StoryWiz make my online reading experience more enjoyable?

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