Conversation analysis and notetaking for teams.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered conversation intelligence and notetaking tool that helps teams record, transcribe, search and analyze voice conversations.

It can be used to capture video and audio, and generate transcripts in minutes, as well as filter and listen to key topics discussed during meetings. also has AI-powered search that allows users to review a one-hour meeting in five minutes, and quickly identify action items, tasks, questions and other key metrics.

Furthermore, allows users to collaborate with co-workers by adding comments, pins and reactions to specific parts of conversations, create soundbites and share meeting notes to collaboration apps like Slack, Notion and Asana. also features conversation intelligence that can be used to track speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues and other key metrics, as well as identify objections, competitors and other topic trackers that can be customized.

Additionally, can be used to automate workflows from meetings by filling out CRMs, creating tasks with voice commands, and instantly share meeting recaps to collaboration apps.

Lastly, also creates a real-time knowledge base for the entire team, and can be used by knowledge workers across teams such as sales, engineering, recruiting, marketing, education and media & podcasting.

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Pros and Cons


Records and transcribes voice conversations
Generates transcripts quickly
Identify action items in meetings
Allows collaboration on conversations
Create shareable soundbites
Integrates with collaboration apps
Provides speaker analytics
Identify competition and objections
Automates workflow from meetings
Automatic CRM entries
Task creation via voice commands
Share meeting recaps instantly
Real-time team knowledge base
Suitable for various team roles
Transcribes across multiple apps
Invites Notetaker to meetings
Captures video and audio
Review meeting quickly
Pin and react to conversation parts
Customizable topic trackers
Self-updating knowledge base
Reviews meetings by department
Custom privacy controls
Automates note-taking documentation
Transforms marketing initiatives
Operates across video-conferencing apps
Can autojoin calls
Processes audio and calls
Instant transcription of uploaded files
Transcribe various file types
Google Meet call capture
CRM integration
Flexible plans
Downloadable transcripts and recordings
Global and smart search
Keywords and topic tracking
Customizable vocabulary
Unlimited integrations
Video recording
Team insights
Enterprise-wide admin panel
Custom speech models
Single sign-on (SSO) option
Dedicated account manager
Security and privacy prioritized
256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption


No offline functionality
Limited transcription credits on free plan
Storage limitations per seat
No video recording on lower plans
No API access except on Business plan
No SSO except for enterprise
No custom speech models for smaller plans
Dedicated support only for enterprise


What is
How does record and transcribe conversations?
How long does it take to generate transcripts?
Can be used to capture video and audio?
Does have a search feature?
How does's AI-powered search work?
Can you review a meeting using
Can identify the action items in a meeting?
Can I add comments and reactions to parts of conversations using
Can you create tasks with voice commands in
How does help with conversation analysis?
Can track speaker discourse?
Can you customize topic trackers in
Can be used to automate workflows?
How does integrate with collaboration apps like Slack, Notion, and Asana?
What is the real-time knowledge base in
Does provide talk time and sentiment metrics?
How can sales teams use
How can help education professionals?
What are the plans and pricing options for

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