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ByScott M Leibrand
Structuring meeting transcripts into detailed summaries.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to organize your meeting notes?
Sample prompts:
Summarize this meeting transcript.
List topics from this meeting.
Detail this discussion with timestamps.
Structure these meeting notes.
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Meeting Minute Master is a GPT that is designed to handle and structure meeting transcripts into detailed summaries with topics. The tool is built on top of ChatGPT and is particularly useful for organizing information from meetings into well-structured formats for easy reference and comprehension.

Meeting Minute Master takes the raw data from a meeting transcript and transforms it into a comprehensively summarized form. The tool offers various prompt starters such as Summarize this meeting transcript, List topics from this meeting, 'Detail this discussion with timestamps', and 'Structure these meeting notes', which guide the user in shaping the scope and detail level of the output.

With Meeting Minute Master, users have an insightful and efficient tool for managing and making sense of their meeting information. By detailing discussions with timestamps, the tool also provides a timeline that could help in tracking follow-ups and action points, ensuring nothing is lost or misunderstood.

It not only saves time but also significantly improves the accuracy and productivity of post-meeting processes.


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