Nutshell Summaries
Summarized videos in any language.

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Nutshell Summaries is an AI-powered tool that summarizes YouTube videos in any language. Its primary goal is to provide concise and accurate summaries of the most important parts of the video without having to watch the entire content.

It is accessible to everyone without the need for creating an account, and users can summarize videos up to 8 minutes in length. However, an account is required for longer videos.Moreover, Nutshell Summaries is planning to expand its capabilities beyond YouTube and offer users the ability to summarize any type of video, including Zoom meetings, interviews, conferences, screen recordings, and more.

The tool also allows users to upload PDFs or other files, which it then summarizes.The tool offers an API service that can be used to integrate Nutshell technology into other applications.

The tool has been used and trusted by several top institutions and companies, including Bloomberg, Fixteria, University of Oxford, Kyro, and Microsoft.Nutshell Summaries is developed by ProximoAI, a company based in Madrid, Spain.

The tool offers a free trial, and users can watch a demo on the tool's YouTube channel. Nutshell Summaries is a time-saving tool that can help users stay informed without having to watch videos in their entirety.

Nutshell Summaries was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 5th 2023.
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Guillermo Cid
· Jun 16, 2023
it does summarize but only as text
Anette Braunfeld
· Jun 13, 2023
Too short and general summaries

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes YouTube videos
Works in any language
No account creation needed
Summarizes up to 8-min videos
Capability expansion to any video
Summarizes Zoom meetings
Summarizes interviews
Summarizes conferences
Summarizes screen recordings
Supports document upload
Summarizes PDFs
Offers API service
Trusted by top institutions
Used by Microsoft
Used by Bloomberg
Used by University of Oxford
Free trial available
Demo available on YouTube
Time-saving tool
Keeps users informed
Developer based in Spain


Only works with 8 minute videos
Requires account for longer videos
No immediate support for Zoom summaries
Failed summaries not addressed
Inability to choose summary specificity
Not fully multilingual

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